Y for Yellow

I think that colours are visual representations of human feelings. Every colour invokes a certain feeling in our heart. At the same time, every colour can be described through what we feel.

Colours aren’t just to be seen by eyes, they are to be felt. Just take the example of yellow.

Yellow defines optimism. It defines lighthearted happiness. Yellow is feeling the sun’s warmth on our backs on a chilly winter morning. Yellow is the ¬†happiness you get when you make someone smile. Yellow smells like the mild scent of citrus. Yellow sounds like the birds chirping at dawn. Yellow tastes like the sweet and sour lemonade that you drink on hot sunny afternoons. Yellow are the ripe bananas asking you to pluck them of the tree.

Maybe Chris Martin knew what it meant when he sang, “It was all yellow.”


Written for the #AtoZChallenge2017

Featured Image Courtesy:  Foter.com

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