X for X

Twenty-three down,
three more to go.
I thought it was easy,
now that I was in flow.

Arrived day twenty-four,
and I was in a fix.
Couldn’t think anything from X,
as if my mind was all bricks.

X could be for X-men,
which seemed sloppy.
Or X for Xerox,
though technically it’s photocopy.

Xenophobia from X,
seemed a good choice.
Write on Xenogamy or Xenogenic,
Said a biologist’s voice.

X could be for Xylophone,
which produces a sweet tune.
Or X for triple X,
in which Deepika made us swoon.

As the clock neared midnight,
I knew it was all in vain.
Unlike any other letter,
X gave me too much pain.


Written for the #AtoZChallenge2017

Featured Image Courtesy: Foter.com

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