U for Utopia

Books after books
Have been written
About dystopian worlds.

Worlds where guns are ablaze,
where the ground burns
and so do hearts.

Where peace and happiness,
Order and loyalty
Don’t go hand in hand.

Utopia isn’t written much about,
it doesn’t exist as a world of words,
but exists only in words.

Who doesn’t want to be happy
In a peaceful world?
But are we ready to strive for it?

Spare a thought about utopia,
A perfect and desirable place,
A place which is chaos free.

Will we ever be able to live there?
Are we ever gonna be ready for it?
Should we even aspire for it?

Because chaos is no longer just a word,
but is rather the blood that runs within us,
keeping us alive.

What will humans be without chaos?
As long as chaos defines humanity,
Utopia is just a distant dream.


Written for the #AtoZChallenge2017

Featured Image Courtesy: http://hoaxoffame.tumblr.com

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