S for Spark

I am ever evolving. I am ever changing. Every minute, every second, a part of me dies and a new part is born. Every time I meet someone, one of my preconceived notion fades away and is replaced by an observation.

These changes, these replacements transform me. So, the next time you meet me, I might not be the person you knew or you thought that you knew. Today, I am a spark. Tomorrow, I might become a forest fire and burn the whole forest. Or I might become a hearth fire, bringing warmth and happiness. Or I might become a fire in a stove and feed a few hungry souls. Or I might become the one spark that starts a fire. Or with my spark, I might just light a fire in someone’s heart. Or, I might just die out. But, be assured. I am not going to stay just a spark.


Written for the #AtoZChallenge2017

Featured Image Courtesy: Photo credit: Foter.com

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