M for Matter

I was told that I need to focus on the greater good, the bigger things in life; that small things don’t matter. But when I think of it, small things do matter.

My favorite birthday gift is not the car my parents gifted me, it is the card my three year old brother made for me. I don’t remember all those who congratulated me on my graduation, but I remember all those who supported me when I had failed two papers in the previous semester. My favorite people are not those who see my tear-stained cheeks and ask me what is wrong, but are those who can see my lifeless eyes and ask me what is wrong. I’m surprised the most not when my friends throw me an elaborately planned surprise birthday party, but when my friends remember a small detail about me, which I never expected someone to remember.

I don’t say that big things don’t matter, that I don’t want surprise parties and expensive gifts. But what I also want is that those big things are accompanied by the small things, which seem insignificant. Because history knows and proves that the small things, the ones deemed insignificant go on to become the things that matter.


Written for the #AtoZChallenge2017

Featured Image Courtesy: Simran Rohra

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