L for Labels

It’s human tendency
To be organised.
Group similar things together,
We are advised.

Notebooks to the left,
Right is for textbooks.
Hangers are for clothes,
And coats go on hooks.

Labels give sense of order,
And help in differentiating things.
But is it right
to put labels on human beings?

Are you male or female?
Are you black or white?
He’s not desirable
Because of his overbite.

No one is born gay,
It’s just a phase.
How can we be friends?
Different gods we praise.

Let’s get over these prejudices
And turn the tables.
Let’s tell the society,
We don’t want your labels.


Written for the #AtoZChallenge2017

Featured Image Courtesy: https://thedreamscometrue9.wordpress.com/

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