D for Dear Donald

Dear Donald,

In my childhood, I was taught to respect people, especially those who are elder to me. Had I been my childhood self, you would have my respect. Sadly, life taught me otherwise and now I respect people not because of their age, but because of their actions. Which is why for me you are not Mr. Trump but just Donald. And as far as I gather, for you I’m someone who needs to be grabbed by her pussy.

Now that we’ve clearly defined our relation, let’s get to the matter(s) in hand.

You don’t own my body. My body is not owned by you. My body is not a property to be owned by someone. I cannot make myself any clearer.

If you think your thoughts and words are unique, you are wrong. I encounter men like you every day; men who demean and belittle women at every possible opportunity. Men who treat female lives as valueless and females as objects. I’m not afraid of these men, I’m not afraid of you. What scares me is the position you hold and the power it gives you.

I know your fears and your weakness. You’ve called a former Miss Universe “Miss Piggy”. You’ve called your female political opponent “weak and ineffective”, “someone who doesn’t have a presidential look” and have interrupted her 51 times during a 90-mins debate. You didn’t flinch while describing your daughter (who happens to be a senior executive in your empire) as “a piece of ass”and I don’t feel the need to remind anyone about the dating comment, because no one can forget it. You are afraid of women. Women who make it big on their own (I’m not talking about boobs), women who stand up for themselves and for others. Women who have power scare you.

You want to make America great again. What will be the foundations of this “Great America”? Racism? Islamophobia? Transphobia? Sexism? Or all of the above? You don’t see the fundamental problem in this, do you? You thought Americans were just frustrated and angry. You missed the fact they are frustrated, but are welcoming; they are angry, but they are also kind.

People say you are the second Hitler. I believe you are the first Trump, who will also be the last, just like Hitler. Hitler had his time, so will you. Hitler was brought down, so will you be.

Yours truly,

A nasty, bloodshot woman


Written for the #AtoZChallenge 2017
Featured Image Courtesy: Va Con Firma

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