C for Cover-up

My wrist and the blade
Made contact last night.
He watched me bleed,
Till he felt alright.
Brought out a few tissues
And cleaned up all the mess.
No one bothered with my excuses
Nor did they notice the red stain on my dress.

My hair and the scissors
Made contact yesterday.
Without a look at the mirrors,
He chopped my locks away.
Brought out the broom,
And swept away the locks.
No one bothered to look in my room,
Where my hair is kept on display in a box.

His hand and my cheek
Made contact the day before.
Memories are a bit bleak,
But I remember hitting the floor.
Brought out the makeup kit,
And worked with the brush.
No one noticed the misfit,
Between my eyeliner and the blush.

All the clues are hidden in plain sight,
Only if someone looked at my shell.
Maybe they know and pity my plight,
Or maybe I cover up a bit too well.


Written for the #AtoZChallenge2017

Featured Image Courtesy: Simran Rohra

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