One Day (#3)


And one day, you will meet again. Maybe at a party, as mutual friends. Maybe at work, as colleagues. Maybe on a plane, as co-passengers. Maybe at the college reunion, as…as just friends. You’ll notice that she has overcome her hatred for long hair. That she is no longer conscious about her teeth being seen when she laughs. That she is not embarrassed when she is flirted with, but she flirts back. And that one meeting, that one spark will be enough, enough to light that fire in you which had remained dormant for so long. First meeting will lead to the second, second to the third, third to the thirtieth. You will find yourself drifting back to how it was before. But this time, something is different. Both of you are now older and wiser. You both have learnt from your mistakes. You have grown into people you were meant to be. All things will fall into place into place, all will be well. After all, some stories do have a happy ending.


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