One Day (#1)

​And one day, you will meet again. You will ask her how she is doing and her smile and sparkling eyes will answer it all. She will tell you about the guy she is seeing and you will feel your insides crumbling. And suddenly, you will remember her, and how she made you feel. How she was kind and fierce and loving. And how you let her go. You will see her and ache. Your fingers will ache knowing that no one can fill those gaps in between them like she did. Your heart will ache knowing that you probably won’t love anyone else as much as you love her. And maybe, maybe you will finally gather courage to tell her how you feel and how much you miss her. Her eyes will no longer sparkle with the hopes of the future, but the ghosts of the past will lit up her eyes as she says, “You are too late. I loved you but you let me go. We could have been a masterpiece, but you left midway. I’m grateful that we happened. But, we aren’t meant to be.” And then, she will walk away, leaving you wondering how different life would have been had you not been a coward back then. You will continue living as if nothing happened but deep down, you will always know and remember her as the girl who loved and the girl you wronged.


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