Fear Her

ā€‹”Are you scared of insects? Those petty things with wings that fly about annoying the heck out of you?”, he asked.

“No.” She said.

“Are you scared of heights? Those sheer drops and steep inclines that make you feel giddy?”


“Of darkness? That unfathomable blackness which makes a place known to you for years unfamiliar?”


“Are you even afraid of something? Or are you a super woman-fearless and fear- free?” he asked, sounding all exasperated.

“Yes. Yes. Ofcourse. I’m afraid. I’m afraid that one day will come when I’ll look into the mirror and barely recognize myself. I’m afraid that one day my heart will be broken into such fine pieces that I’ll be unable to put them back together. I’m afraid that I’ll always be misunderstood; that my silence will be mistaken for my weakness. I’m afraid that one day I’ll stop being an individual and rather become someone’s someone. I’m afraid that my first love won’t become my true love. I’m afraid that my true love won’t last long enough. I’m afraid that I will have to cry myself to sleep everynight. I’m afraid that one day my friends will no longer call me their friend. I’m afraid that I’ll end up being just a pawn in the game of life. But these are not my worst fears. My worst fear is that one day I’ll allow these fears to scare me and give in to them.”


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