There was a boy in my 1st grade who had a colourful, new pencil. He never gave that pencil to anyone but me to use. I experienced my first ever heartbreak the day I saw him giving the pencil to someone else.

There was a boy who sat on the bench in front of me, in my 8th grade. He never bought a pen to school and would turn around with a sly smile to ask for an extra pen. I experienced my second heartbreak the day he started asking the girl sitting in front of him for a pen.

There was a boy in my college who never attended lectures. He used to message me before every exam, asking for my notes and help. I experienced my third heartbreak the day he stopped messaging me before exams.

There was a boy at my workplace who looked like my dream husband. We held hands, we went on dates and I thought that this is perfect. I experienced my fourth heartbreak the day I saw him having sex with our boss.

4 heartbreaks at 4 different points in life. Some may seem stupid, some seem unbearable. But all of them involved my heart being broken into pieces. After each of these heartbreak, I had to piece together my heart. Every time my heart broke, each time my heart bled, it reopened all those wounds that I thought had healed. And I wondered, what kept my heart beating, even when it was bleeding. But now I know. My heart was beating for this moment. The moment when someone pours all their love through the cracks of my heart. And now, all those heartbreaks feel worth it.


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