A letter to the past me

My darling, it seems that you have forgotten to live.
You need to learn a few things, all over again.
You need to go out on an early morning hike and watch the sun rise to the background music of birds chirping.
You need to learn to find shapes in clouds and laugh at those silly resemblances you find.
You need to excitedly run outside when the first rain of the season comes and dance like no one is watching.
You need to lie down on grass at 1 am and gaze the stars and be full of awe.
You need to learn to sometimes say yes to second helpings, watch that one film, sleep an hour extra, without feeling guilty.
You need to learn and remember that life is meant to be lived and not just to exist. And that living life doesn’t mean thanking god for getting you through the day. It means thanking god for that day.


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