To the girl who always smiles,
Have you not seen the world being vile?
The world is known to be pretty brutal,
And give opinions that are quite lethal.

How can you smile despite all this mess
And become the light in this darkness?
What you do is not an easy task,
Are you sure that it’s not just a mask?

To the man with the frown,
Why are you always so down?
The world is a dark place, I know,
But how will you have a high without a low?

You just see the stones that are thrown,
And not the seeds that can be sown.
The world is dumb, they have no clue,
Three fingers point at them, when one points at you

To the girl always full of glee,
You are under the illusion that you’re free.
They remove your chains but cut your wings,
They take your voice and ask you to sing.

“Be yourself”, is what they say,
“No, no, but not this way.”
All they do is pretend to care,
I firmly believe that the world is beyond repair.

To the man who is always sorrowful,
The glass is always half-empty, half full,
If you keep on counting stars in the sky,
The beauty of the moon will just pass by.

Your worry won’t make the world better,
All it will do is make it more bitter.
Though wholeness is something that the world lacks,
What makes the world beautiful are the cracks.


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