What depression is…

Depression is not beautiful. Stop romanticising it. Depression is not about pen, paper, ink and beautiful marks. It’s about knife, body, blood and permanent scars.
Depression is not about drowning in sea when others are on land. It is about drowning in a sea and seeing others around you breathing.Depression is not only about answering “How are you?” with a “I don’t know”. It is also about answering it with a “I am fine. In fine pieces.”, but just that the second line is never spoken out aloud. Depression is not about sulking or crying the whole day. Sometimes, it is about faking smiles and joy the whole day. Depression is not only having negative thoughts. It is about your negative thoughts overpowering the positive thoughts.
Depression is not only about the phoenix who is reborn from ashes. It is also about the phoenix who burns and becomes ash.


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