Who you is?

The hardest question to answer is ‘Describe yourself’. I went to my mother with the question and asked her to describe me. She said I was her little kid who gave her the happiness of motherhood. I was that rebel who always comes back five minutes after curfew, just to make a point.

Not satisfied, I went to my father and asked him the same question. He smiled and said that I was his little angel whose happiness means the world to him. I was a curious kid who would come up with such questions.

Not satisfied enough, I went to my younger brother and asked him to describe me. He said I was the prankster who was hell bent on making him the target of my pranks. I was his only solace when he couldn’t find an answer to his maths sum he was supposed to submit the next day.

Still not satisfied, I went to my best friend and asked her to describe me. She said I was the person who could make her smile when all she wanted to do was cry. I was the person she would give up her favorite food for.

Not finding anyone who could satisfy my thirst for this, I lay on bed, contemplating the answer to this question.
And then, and then it struck me. I am who I am. I am beyond being just my mother’s little rebel, my father’s angel, my brother’s guide and my friend’s pillar. These are just small parts of me, like drops of an ocean. The drops help make an ocean but a drop can never become an ocean.


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