E for Energy

The first law of thermodynamics dictates "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another." As a student, it awed me and I tried every experiment I found in books and on YouTube. Every thing tried made me believe in the law more and more.... Continue Reading →


D for Distance

We were at the airport, When you told me, "It's a couple of years, They'll pass in a jiffy, And I'll be back, Right next to you." I believed you Coz I believed In us. We had been there, For each other, always. But now, being there meant Calculating time zones And sacrificing sleep. My... Continue Reading →

C for Closure

After you left me, Nothing was the same - I had become emotionless. As if my heart had decided That it has suffered too much and It refused to feel anything again. I tried many different ways, To get my heart back to normal, But nothing ever worked. Years later, I saw you In a... Continue Reading →

B for Blessings

Ever since I was a kid, I've always had a dream. A dream not easy to achieve, A dream that took away my sleep. I wanted to own things, Things that others don't have. One sedan, two sedans, three sedans; One house, two houses, three houses. I ignored everything else, And focused only on that... Continue Reading →

A for Ask

I sat all alone in my room, Wondering about everything And nothing all at once. My thoughts were racing, In endless directions. Thinking about how and when, And where and why. Countless possibilities Raced through my mind. Did he like me or not? Was it love or simple fling? How was to I differentiate My... Continue Reading →


Drunk-called you 3 months after you left me, I Ignited that long-extinguished spark. Swallowing my pride for your sake, I Allowed you to enter my life again.

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